The Truth about Auguer Adapters

You’ve heard of claims about what some adapters can do. The truth is no adapter will drill more holes than another.

It’s a device between an existing auger and drill. What controls the amount of holes is the equipment (Drill and Auger) (See recommendations), ice depth, and weather conditions. The only reason you will get less holes is if you use an adapter without the necessary features, and the following happens:

  1. Your auger and adapter goes to the bottom. Can’t drill many holes without the auger, plus you get the cost of replacing the auger and adapter, if irretrievable. That can ruin your day on the ice. And who wants to waste time fishing it out. I’d rather be catching fish.
  2. The chuck pin is rounded with no flats, and the adapter spins at the pin/chuck connection. Let’s face it if the pin is spinning (not the auger) you won’t get many holes. There is a claim of a special metal that won’t spin. I own a machine shop and haven’t run across this miracle metal. If it does exist it would have to be soft like lead. So what is eventually going to happen with a soft metal adapter pin? Soft metals bend, and if threaded it could strip. If bent, it could cause the configuration to be out of concentric (circular balance) and wobble. This could lead to chuck damage. And replacing drills can be expensive.
  3. If your protection from going to the bottom is a soft plastic disk it could become warped. This might cause that same, out of concentric wobble effect, putting your chuck at risk. A hard plastic disk could be brittle from the cold and break upon impact with the ice. And they may only be 6″-7″ in diameter. What if you have an 8″ auger? There is one with a propeller-looking piece of metal. Do not bring your children around it. It might hurt a little to hit your leg with it, . Then again, some ice fishermen take a little medicine out to keep warm, so they probably wouldn’t feel it until the next day.

    The Ice Master Conversion Kit has all he best features on the market for the same price or less . It’s the only one that helps protect the drill chuck from the weight of the auger. The auger is protected from dropping down as well. You can adapt both adjustable pin and threaded augers with the same kit. It is easy to take along in your pocket, bucket, or leave it on the auger. There’s no cumbersome disk to deal with. And it has flats on the chuck pin to avoid the chuck from spinning.