Setting up your conversion involves a few factors. Doing it properly will ensure the best results for your needs.

The factors that are the most important are the drill, drill batteries, auger, and auger blades that you’ll be using. The North American Fishing Club tested the Ice Master with many variations of drills, augers and ice depts. Based on all the testing done with this product, the following is recommended.

1. ADAPTER: Use the Ice Master for your hand auger conversion. It protects both the drill and auger. It adapts both adjustable pin, and threaded augers. Has flats so the chuck doesn’t spin. It’s priced below similar products

2. AUGERS: There are many brands, most work about the same. The two factors that are most important is the auger size, and blade sharpness. The blades must be sharp or new. Like with any cutting tool, they won’t work well if dull. If you need more holes use a  4″-6″ auger. They displace less ice saving on the batteries power. It will turn 7″ and 8″ augers. You will need a more powerful drill and you can expect less holes.

3. DRILLS: The more powerful the better. But power isn’t always in the volts. The brand and amps have more to do with a drills power than volts. That’s why I won’t say use an X volt drill. The best one I found, for price, and power, is the Sears 19.2 volt drill. Especially when they are on sale. I also like their warranty and 2 year replacement service contract (extra).

4. DRILL BATTERIES: The newer the better. Old warn out batteries will discharge much quicker powering an auger. Make sure you have the batteries fully charged.

5. You must run your drill in Low power, High torque. The auger spins too fast in high and is hard to control. You don’t need the high speed to drill.

6. Make sure your connections are tight before each hole drilled. On adjustable pin augers, both the connecting auger pin and the chuck connection should be checked. On threaded augers, make sure the pin is butted up to the auger shaft and again, the chuck is tight.

I have done the testing for over 3 years. If you follow the recommendations, You will have a rewarding experience with the Ice Master Conversion Kit. You can use an inexpensive 9V drill with an 8″ auger, dull blades, and old batteries and have a disappointing experience. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

My goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact me today if you have any questions or concerns.