Q) How many holes will it drill?

A) It depends on the auger size, power of the drill, sharpness of the blades, batteries (the newer the better), weather, and ice depth. The average recommended set up, about 20-25 holes. You probably can get  50 with a new 24V drill, a 4” auger, new blades, new batteries, 6” of ice, and about a 55-degree day. But if you drilled that many holes, when were you fishing?

Q) Why should I buy one? Why not make one?

A) It is actually cheaper to buy one. The Ice Master is priced low enough (because of mass quantities) so it is less expensive to buy one than make one. The crimping tool for the bungee fasteners is a $20.00 item. If you have a threaded auger, the tap is $38.00. Then there is material costs. Metal, plastic, bungee cord, and the bungee fasteners. Plus the time to machine it and put it together.

Q) I hooked up my threaded auger and spun the drill around in the air, when I stopped, it started spinning loose. Will it come loose when I’m drilling?

A) It’s not recommended spinning it in the air for either type auger. When you stop it, most drills have brakes on them, you may damage the chuck with a sudden stop and no pressure on it. Because of the thread design, after drilling your first hole it should seat itself tight. Just like it did with the original handle. Check it for the first few holes to be safe.

Q) Why isn’t the pin longer?

A) Safety reasons. It is safer to start drilling with a little downward pressure.  If your starting above 90 degrees, it is harder to control.

Q) What if I need it longer to get through the ice?

A) All the augers tested where about 29”. Some are shorter. This is usually plenty. If it’s not, Strikemaster  has extensions available on their web site. But still try to start below 90 degrees and add it on after you can stay below the 90 degrees.

Q) Can you really drill as fast as the video?

A) The 12″ block is real time. The last segment of 35 holes is sped up 2x’s. Just to help the video download faster.

Q) Do you sell wholesale to retailers or distributors?

A) Yes, you will need a tax ID # to buy wholesale. Go to the contact page  email or call for pricing.

Q) There is no store in my area. Can I buy it in Canada or in Europe?

A) We now have a store in Ontario that carries our product.  At this point we have no stores in Europe with it available. You may contact us, or go to a web distributor, on the Store locator page.